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Siriusly Interesting

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Response to Secret Sun post on the imagery used for the Oscars poster. I have shown the relationship between the Oscars poster and the Stargate Movie poster. I posted a response on The Secret Sun stating my observation:

"Greetings fellow wisdom seekers...

For me an instantaneous connection was in the similarity between the Oscars poster and the original Stargate movie poster. It is easily conceivable to understand since both resonate in image content, overt or covert, and in name.
Star Gate (overt name and image). The Oscars (Stars enter through the Gates of Babylon; covert).

The Oscars poster has a pyramid form denoted by the 4 major stars at the bottom forming the 4-sided base of the pyramid. The top is connected by the head of the Osiris/star/light beam. I seem to notice this theme repeated ALOT. The "cap" of the pyramid usually contains something like a head or something relating to enlightenment, etc. As you can see the image is oddly similar, if not exactly mirrored, to the Stargate poster. Seems the synchromystic bits keep on rollin'."

The top 2 images are the "raw" posters for reference and comparison. The bottom 2 images show my analyses:

Bottom Left Image) Reverse overlay of Canis Major with Sirius at the head location; stars on poster are denoted by camera "flashes". Constellation is shown flipped horizontally; from the point of view of Canis Major toward Earth. This correlates to the fact that as the viewer, you are looking from Oscar's view toward the audience. Additionally, I also rotated the constellation to "fit" the poster star layout. This could possibly be related to the angle that the constellation would be at on a particular date; 2-22-09. I did not have time to look for that image source, but it would be nice to see if that fit this puzzle as well. It is also possible that there are other stars being referenced here, but odd to see these roughly fit.

Bottom Right Image) Pyramid formed by connecting major stars (camera flashes). Notice pyramid base angle is also similar to Stargate poster. Ring above Oscar is obviously denoted from upper level seating.

Also note the event being on SUNday, 2/22.

I will add that the reason and purpose for these connections is not finite, complete or inferred by these observations. I believe that there are multiple interpretations possible and will readily admit I do not have all the answers. I will only hint that the Egyptian/Solar hints seem to pop when you look for them.


I added another take on the Oscars poster. This time I focused more on the triangle of light near the head of Osiris.


Added here are some examples from the movie industry. As many researchers have pointed out, these examples appear to have a structure related to the pyramid/eye of Horus. If you compare/contrast the examples, one can see that there is a possible inferred symbolism behind the logos. These have similarity to the 2009 Oscars poster. It is interesting to see how the clouds possibly form the 3 Giza pyramids and how the woman/winged horse could delineate the position of the 2 smaller pyramids. Especially interesting is the comparison/contrast of the modern vs. older Columbia logo. Both show the same underlying structure, but using different elements. Modern version with Columbia uses clouds, Older version with sparks from blazing torch. This, IMO, strongly supports the pyramid structure theory. Also of note is the use of 22 stars in the Paramount logo. Once you look, these examples are very ubiquitous.

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