Thursday, April 23, 2009

2012 "Countdown" Olympic Coin - Precession In Your Pocket

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Here is an interesting find; A Royal Mint coin dedicated to the countdown to 2012. The inital reviews gravitate toward the "ugliness" of the 2012 logo, especially from any that are design oriented. As you can see, the coin has an interesting design on the backside, including the hideously rendered 2012 logo. It consists of a oval shape border containing 2 swimmers, the digit 3 and some other elements that are seemingly arbitrary; tick marks, triangular "pointer", etc. According to the reviews, the oval border is derived from the new Olympic Colliseum design. Seen here:

While this is true, it does portray some more esoteric designs. Since 2012 is heralded by many as an end/beginning date (insert your opinion here), it was an easy chore to see if this held any sway. Below is a comparison of the reverse side of the coin with a map of the Precession of the Equinoxes (Platonic Year).

This is executed by the ovoid ring (orbital path) which houses the 12 epochs of the zodiacal path. This is clearly shown in the overlay drawing. The angle of the ovoid is similar to the eccentricity of the Earth's orbit. The quartered design relates to the solstice/equinox points exhibited in the 2 reference charts. I positioned the eras (zodiac) to align with Pisces (current) with the arrrow triangle. The arrow itself is "set" on the 5th of the 6 tick marks. This appears to be a rough estimate of our progress in the Piscean Age; 80% complete. This is obviously up for debate, but the consensus is there (see Wikipedia).

The swimmers might not have any esoteric meaning, but they could maybe represent
movement towards Aquarius. Note the swimmers are making the same directional movement as shown in the lower right chart.

The number 3 obviously represents 3 years until 2012. An alternate meaning could be the 3rd quarter of the Platonic Year. Pure speculation.

Lastly, the Synchromystic use of the 2012 logo can be rendered as Oz or Zion (see Jake Kotze). The implications and reality of this are not certain, but I AM certain that others can chime in with more on this as well as the use of the coin as a talismanic object. We will be seeing a new coin every year until 2012. I will be eyes peeled next year!


Betty Focker said...

Awesome post! I am enjoying reading through them all actually! =)

RYAN (7 Cauac) said...

Thanks! More will posts will come up on the blog soon. I will be comparing more movies, making "unnecessary" connections and other general synchromystic malarkey!