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The Transformation of Consciousness in the Coming New Age: Knowing, The Last Mimzy and V for Vendetta

NOTE: Plot Killers Within

After having seen Dark City (Proyas), then revisiting it years later with open eyes of symbolism, I have been expecting to see some esoteric or symbolic story to the new release Knowing (Proyas). Since I had the benefit of foresight, I watched Knowing what to look for. After watching it, I saw many elements that just popped right out at me. Near the end of the movie, the arbitrary insertion of rabbits happened upon my eyes.
Why are there #@$%& rabbits in this movie in this scene at this time?
Why?... Well, this is why:

Rabbit Symbolism: Represents good luck, rebirth, the moon and intuition.

Western European Symbolism
Rabbit (Coinean) and Hare (Gèarr) are symbols of fertility, intuition, rebirth, promise, fulfillment, and balance. He is the Goddess’ creature and represents the Moon, night and dawn. Also associated with abundance, rebirth and release and is symbolic of the ‘tween times, dawn and dusk. Their motions were used for divination. They’re also associated with transformation, receiving esoteric knowledge and intuitive messages.

The Celts believed they brought luck and keeping a part of the animal, usually the foot, attracted good fortune. It was also believed that the foot protected people against evil.
Rabbit is a symbol of Easter and Ostara.

Native American
Rabbit, like Coyote, Raven and Crow, is considered trickster by some Native American tribes. Nanabozho or Manabozho, Great Hare, is a powerful figure found in some stories. Nanabozho is a hero, creator of the earth, supporter of humans, bringer of fire and light, and teacher of the sacred rituals. In others he’s a clown, a thief, or a sly predator, an amoral animal dancing on the boundary between the positive and negative. To some tribes he’s known as Fear Caller because he brings whatever he fears most to himself. He’ll see Coyote and will tell him to stay away because he’s afraid of him. When Coyote doesn’t hear, Rabbit calls louder and louder until coyote notices, then preys on him.

Read more: "Rabbit/Hare: Trickster-Fear Caller: Rabbit: Fertility Symbol, Ostara Pagan and Christian Easter Animal" - Link

The rabbit also is connected with Spring/Easter as stated. Interesting that the movie was released on the Spring Equinox.

The fact the use of rabbits is seemingly arbitrarily plopped into
Knowing is an immediate nod to its symbolical importance. Here, at the end, we can see the children rebirth with the rabbit (intuition) during the night (lunar) into the new alien world (time/place/era). This occurs concurrently with the death of the old rational/solar/masculine mind (John Koestler). We see the characters as archetypes. The children get to live whilst the adult must stay behind and die. This shows how the naïve, un-imprinted, unformed mind of the child opposes the programmed mind of the person which cannot comprehend the children due to the impregnated reality within it. It represents the death/rebirth of the mind, the death rebirth of eras; the pattern of time 2012 Mayan death/rebirth. This is the exact same story as The Last Mimzy. After seeing both movies one can see, the comparisons between Knowing and The Last Mimzy are many.
Here is a list of similarities:

  • Rabbits (kids with rabbits/Knowing; rabbit doll/Mimzy)
  • Fibonacci/number patterns/spirals (on stuffed rabbit doll named Mimzy; on spinning jet engine in Knowing; also same as Donnie Darko, directed by Richard Kelly who was slated to direct Knowing before turnaround deal)
  • Children with intuitive or special powers (Indigo Children); telekinesis, telepathy (new age)
  • Rebirth and/or disappearance of children at end leaving parents behind; both occur at night time (Based on Mimsy Were The Borogoves short story; the movie has a different ending)
  • Sons are both named Noah (claimed working name for Caleb)
  • Parents whom cannot see or do as the children (current/old age)
  • The Last Mimzy, FYI, is based on a short story Mimsy Were The Borogoves which appeared in Astounding. If you have not read it, you can listen to it on Youtube as read by William Shatner (Sweet!): Mimsy Were The Borogoves

Mimsy Were The Borogoves title is derived from a purposely nonsensical poem called Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.)

Mimsy Were The Borogoves, the children have been able to “see” the actual/alter meaning of the poem, but its meaning eludes the parents (representing the current masses) "...because of their Euclidian minds". Sound familiar? So these themes are exacted in Knowing as well with Caleb being able to see the numbers/aliens and hear their voices telepathically. Interesting indeed. We can also see these themes resonating at a different frequency in The Matrix and Dark City as well (both produced by Andrew Mason…Hmmm); awakening, anamnesia, etc.

(Note: We can also see rabbit symbolism in The Matrix and Donnie Darko.)

One more tie-in I thought about was the similarities between V for Vendetta to Knowing and The Last Mimzy
(V was released on 3-17). V for Vendetta, although not as similar in story or symbolism, this movie is about the rational vs. intuitive mind (masculine/feminine). (I will give a more in depth image analyses of V for Vendetta later). The message is clearly different but it does show the battle between intuition vs. rational mind and the ensuing enlightenment/rebirth of the androgynous being (represented in V for Vendetta as the shaven-headed, orange-garbed, monk Natalie Portman; Tibetan sounds and all). While V for Vendetta seems to point a bit more toward a marriage of feminine and masculine qualities (androgyny) and making of the whole self, through loss of fear, the other 2 movies seem to point a bit more toward the coming eras; 2012/Mayan cosmogenesis/Aquarian age. This also seems to be portrayed by the Masonic-style time capsule ceremonies in Knowing which recur in similar fashion during the insertion and extraction of the time capsule; cyclical time. (Also note the time capsule “man-hole cover” design.)

Nevertheless, on a certain level one could interpret all 3 of these movies in the same way. It could be that as TIME moves, we are approaching a crux in the path. We are seeing a SHIFT in the nature of the mind due to the position along our path around the Zodiacal loop which in turn determines the universal energies which enables the creative forces at that point. With this movement in TIME we will need to be ready to address this fundamental SHIFT in thought. This can only be done through the embracing of the mind of the child. Unformed, unprogrammed, clean, new and able to be seeded with concepts we cannot grasp due to our base level belief systems and embedded "reality" which prevent us from considering the viability of the reality of the "Jabberwocky". If we do not "see", we will struggle against the natural flow and be forced to extinction.

In addition, I have compared the movie posters for Dark City, V for Vendetta and Knowing in the previous post. Check them out.

Knowing Movie Stills

Let's be subtle now people.

Keep moving, nothing to see here. Oh wait, what's this I see...Common garb for common folk.

Notice Caleb's bedroom acts as the oculis from which he has future visions. This could represent the enlightened mind or the awakening which is taking place now; Caleb acting as the new consciousness.

Nice Skull-n-Bones hat junior! Get that in the time capsule?

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