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The Transformation of Consciousness in the Coming New Age - Part 2 - Yes Man

I happened upon this movie on a plane flight back from my recent Nicaraguan vacation. I heard about it, but never got around to watching it. After I arrived back home, I went and bought the DVD so that I could analyze it a bit more in depth. I saw the syncs lining up and did a quick internet search to see if anyone had reviewed it yet (Synchro-style). I saw 1 post which resonated some of the same ideas; The Transformation of Consciousness in the Coming New Age. (Please also see this video from Live from the Logosphere)

To start, Yes Man is The Fool (SOL) archetype. Wikipedia states: 
The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The sun shining behind him represents the divine nature of the Fool's wisdom and exuberance. On his back are all the possessions he might need. In his hand there is a flower, showing his appreciation of beauty. He is frequently accompanied by a dog, sometimes seen as his animal desires, sometimes as the call of the "real world", nipping at his heels and distracting him. He is seemingly unconcerned that he is standing on a precipice, apparently about to step off. 

A dog appears on most versions of the card. Some versions of the dog depict him biting at The Fool. The dog symbolizes the natural world, one path to knowledge and a valuable ally; he can be seen as providing The Fool with a "reality check," a link to the everyday world.

The conventional explanations say that The Fool signifies the flesh, the sensitive life, and by a peculiar satire its subsidiary name was at one time The Alchemist, as depicting folly at the most insensate stage. When The Fool appears in a spread, he would be a signal to strip down to the irreducible core, and interrogate whether the Querant's self-vision is obscured. It may also be a warning that significant change is coming.

Additionally, we have another image of The Fool (shown above) as the guitar player (tarot card).
Fool :
- The stance
- The dog
- The white flower
- Nature
- The guitar player/music
- Sun (shown throughout the film, explained here later)

Additionally, Michael Tsarion states that the translation for this card, Fool, was mistranslated with a Germanic long "s" (
ʃ) being perceived as an "f". The card represents beginnings and should read SOL (soleil) astrologically. This makes sense to me, instinctually.

click to enlarge on all images

NOTE: As I interpret the movie herein, the characters act as archetypal representations. This interpretation is also the esoteric alter meaning as I have seen it. This does not invalidate the obvious exoteric meaning by any means.

In the beginning we have Carl in the video store. As he is browsing movies, he selects Transformers (and looks at 300). The Transformers movie is a symbolic device of Carl as the transformative stages of Pisces/rationalism. At this stage though, he is considering it, rather than enacting it; potential energy. The DVDs can also represent forms of action created by others. The bystander who consumes others' journeys rather than their own. We also have a nice lil' show of the stars in the window, as Carl is clearly deep in avoiding The Fool's (his) journey over the phone with his friend.As Carl is the symbol of transforming energy, Pisces into Aquarius, we see a sync of Carl with 666. It has been called the number of man. It has many links to the golden ratio and holds certain religious and occult meaning. Most readers are aware of this significance.Magic Square and Numerology: Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535) joined the seven known planets with these seven Magic Square:Sun Magic Square: the magic constant is 111, three one. The sum of all the numbers of the square is 666, the number of the Beast of the Apocalypse (Note: (hu)man of the revealing or the transformer; Carl here). The colours are: purple or magenta for the numbers and yellow for the background. The metal of the Sun is gold."I will omit the cliche satan/666 connection and go with the above Solar Magic Square relation. We see the 666 represented by Carl's green (rebirth) door, flashed to 3 separate times in this scene.

We also have an interesting relation here with the water/wavelike sculpture on the bank. Almost like he sits on the bank of the waters (Aquarius), where he has invested all of his life. Here we also have the messenger or instigator for Carl's journey.

Next we have his abode which he secludes himself inside in an effort to avoid his friends and remain comfortable (The Hermit). As you can see there is a nice lit solar clock on the wall (The Fool). We also see Carl using the TV as the device which feeds his reality and acts as an alternate to creating his own reality; bystander.

We also have the high roller picture on the wall showing dice rolling 4 and 3 (7), also 4 sets of 2 dice. These have implications of luck, risk and the naivety of The Fool.

We also have the Twister t-shirt which relates to the sun/golden ratio/spiral/eternal motion.

After his Osiris like death/rebirth or awareness/awakening experience, Carl attends the Yes conference. Seen below, it is evident that the 2 screens represent the halves of the brain (left/right). Carl is sitting on the left; fitting since he is more logical and linear in thought at this point. The Master, Terrance, is shown in the middle; the lapis philisophorum, or perfected being (balance). Notice the Egyptian/Masonic style decor; pillar lamps, throne.

As Carl finishes his awakening experience, he reluctantly begins his new life of Yes. He meets the bum where he takes him to the Elysian Park (Elysian Fields... paradise). He then meets the mysterious girl all occurring in the night (lunar/feminine). The girl drives him on the scooter; he is still not "in the driver's seat".

We now have a new start for Carl. Here he is seen next to the solar disk clock (zodiac) clad with a 1969 t-shirt; Connected with the Age of Aquarius.
The new leaf continues at work where he tells his boss Norman (Normal+Man or the norm) that he is "going with his gut.." (intuition). Now he is the Transformer in action. (Calls him Norm). Norman returns the favor by calling him Kar for short; sounds like Ka (life force/spirit). Carl embodies Ka.
"It's like the Era of Yes (Aquarius) has begun...." "Well, whatever gets you out of the House (Pisces). I'm all for it."

Carl has a run in with old lady where he tells her no. This causes him to falter and he falls down only to be bit and nipped at by his sidekick dog (reality check for The Fool). Again, another spiral t-shirt is worn.
Carl redirects and now enters the house of the mysterious Aquarian girl called Spaceland (zodiac). Her Aquarian garb, so subtle, is fishnet with shells and seahorse helmets.
The band name is Munchausen by Proxy referring to the syndrome in which a caregiver exaggerates the symptoms or health of the person in their care. It could be a reference to the mind of the self being blinded by those “perceptions” which William Blake was referring to. Also we have blue and silver colors which look water like. Again at night. We have more star/cross/zodiac symbols lit on the wall and a Crown for good measure (on the monitor behind his head). Not to make it too obvious or strong, the girl asks the bartender for some water (water bearer). We also see her channeling J. Hendrix by playing Star Spangled Banner the way he did in 1969. (Note: Star Spangled Banner = Milky Way?)

Next we have Carl talking about how much he loves Red Bull of whose symbolism evokes various ideas.
From Wikipedia
Apis.After he overdoses on Red Bull, he takes in the Aquarian waters, again. Then we have him crowned by the space observatory (=the heavens) in the background with his glow in the dark halo around his neck.


In the next scene Carl and Allison/Aquarius attend a Harry Potter party where we get hints of The Magician's energy from the Tarot. Upon entrance the door has a #5 within a triangle.

The 5 numerologically can mean:
" will have the opportunity to develop adaptability. The people you meet will spark your sensuality, impulsiveness and desire for the freedom to be adventurous. You will learn to let go of people and things that no longer sustain your enthusiasm."

On the wall we see the Rod of Asclepius:
The serpent and the staff appear to have been separate symbols that were combined at some point in the development of the Asclepian cult.
The significance of the serpent has been interpreted in many ways; sometimes the shedding of skin and renewal is emphasized as symbolizing rejuvenation while other assessments center on the serpent as a symbol that unites and expresses the dual nature of the work of the physician, who deals with life and death, sickness and health.

Note the lightening bolt across Carl's forehead. This symbol represents epiphany/enlightenment and can be associated with The Tower card.

Carl's clothing was only available in toddler size. Another nod to embracing the childlike and naive Fool energy.
Next to that we see another spiral symbol on the water jug (Aquarian waters). Then we have the illuminated Osiris/Oscar with the Saturnian mortarboard graduate cap. Finally we see the scene from Harry Potter which states: "Feels strange to be going home, doesn't it?...", "I'm not going home, not really..." Pisces to Aquarius transformer.


After the party, Carl and Allison head off into the night (lunar). Here we have Allison driving the scooter again, but then offers Ka(rl) to take the controls. This appears to be the next step of the Transformer. Now he is partaking more in the new Era of Yes. With no time wasted he suggests an idea. They arrive at the Hollywood Bowl, just the 2 of them. The amphitheater has a solar design. At one time it had a reflecting pool and muse fountain designed by sculptor George Stanley who had done the Oscar statue; abstracted Osiris (see my earlier post on the 2009 Oscar Poster). In this scene we see the Solar amphitheater being bathed in nocturnal blue Lunar light. The couple stand together, in union inside the unified solar/lunar theater; Masculine and Feminine, Solar and Lunar, Rex and Regina (coniunctionus).
Continuing the Tower theme we see Carl ascending the spiral staircase to save the jumper. Once at the top, he is amidst a room with the Virgin Mary, a solar wall clock, a mandala and a crab:

"As an animal totem, the crab's ambulation is noteworthy. Never taking a direct (forward, or head-on) route, the crab makes its way on land with a sideways tap-dance.
This is a reminder that not all paths are direct and not all ways will be forthcoming in their meaning. When you are moving in a certain direction, and you feel a bit misguided, call upon the travel-savvy crab. She will guide you in an unorthodox way - taking lesser known paths of least resistance and bring you to clarity. These creatures are lunar symbols, as indicated in the Tarot..." link
Carl realizes he will play the guitar to save the jumper. He resorts to music as his new tool. We also have The Fool echoed here again.

At this point Carl has turmoil with Allison. The trouble renders him the Hanged Man. This can represent his inaction and reluctance, but with a new perspective gained leading to new insight or realization of truth.

At his point he now knows he is in the pilot's seat. "You're flying on your own now..."

Carl is tasked to fire Norm. Symbolically (again), we have Ka releasing his old self (Normal Man) in order to gain the right path. Note that Norm is clad in the "300" Spartan garb resonating with the old Carl who selected the movie in the beginning. Norm is the old self as replicator rather than creator.
Say goodbye to the Age of Materialism. Carl's "house" is shown complete with solar (lit) wall clock (zodiac) and room full of crap (age of materialism).

To close, I wanted to add some thoughts on the ideas put forth here. I write this piece having absorbed meaning, thoughts and wisdom from others out there in the world. I certainly do not stand on every idea as a solid fact. I write what resonates with me based upon my inner eye. Some things seem more "factual" than others and some are merely questions posed as observations. As a "666 Warrior" (this is my actual street address, a personal sync), I am more interested in peddling open ended wisdom; based upon uncertainty. As Chris Knowles says, "Only pose questions, never answers." This is the only way to keep going. Certainty and over confidence are what create finite and limited knowledge.

Sometimes I feel like there is a man behind the curtain guiding the strings of the puppets on screen. An unlisted director. I also feel that much of it is an unconscious or 4D resonance that a certain few out there are beginning to take notice of. In the end, I am not certain if it matters. But it does bare import that the Awareness factor is a crucial ingredient for development amongst humanity. The beginning of the metamorphosis.

As I seem to notice things more and more. I am either reading into things or noticing syncs. Are these separate? Are they different? As time/energy/creation are all compacting toward this crux in the path (2012) the syncs become more and more often. Is this why I am also having more de ja vus as of late? Is this a multi-verse resonance I am taking note of?

Whether or not this post is "right or wrong" is irrelevant. The message being read into it by me or the universe is a message that can only lead to positive growth. If a lesson is worthy, does it matter from whence or whom it came? Let these observations be for you to chew up then spit out or savor.


Christopher "C" Myers said...


I have been to your blog a few times. Good stuff. I have started my own and think you might find it interesting. Thanks

PS I just linked your site to the side of mine.

RYAN (7 Cauac) said...

Thanks Chris! Glad to see some traffic coming through here. I will check your site out as well! Peace...

Indras Net said...

Very cool Blog Ryan! Im suprised I havent seen this yet, im siked to have more to read, Love the Yes Man post, I dont know if you were trying to link to my Blog Article about Yes Man and the Fool but heres the video I made in the winter about it with even more synchtastic context

and heres the blog article

Keep up the beutiful work and be very well! Peace in - Kevin

RYAN (7 Cauac) said...

Actually it might have been your blog (Was it a differente site before?). I'll update the link and add the video as well. It always helps. Yeah, thanks again for the comments.

I have been trying this experiment of not telling too many people about the site to see how it grows on its own in cyberspace by the people who seek it out rather than me marketing it to everyone. Not too hard anyway since most of my friends are on a different plane/plane so to speak. That said it is a fairly slow process, but that isn't aided by my recent slow additions to the blog; I'm working on some art projects at the moment.

Nevertheless, I have a couple more I am working on that will go up soon.

Love all your stuff, see you inside!


Rose Borealis said...

do you also say something about what comes after the shadow, or what comes after the 4th wave - is it the T-square of 4th wave(which could be RO-induced), what doe the reverse of that 4th wave place in the harmonious world-or the world/or the eccentric expansion of the square of 4th & 3rd wave in it.... you know, the 3rd wave itself is the expansion of the 4th+5th, because wave depends upon the RO of the medium in which it is creating itself - 4th doesn't really create this-itself. so, you can also say that 4th does not create it itself. 3rd is the persuit, 5th is the reverse of 4th+5*th {*partially depending upon 3rd}. T-square might be depending on 3*rd{*partly on 4th+5th}+8th spiral of infinite body..... waves are, you see, the important phenomena of occurrence, of evolution..... it all particulates the forms which occur in expressions of survival- money,sex & food. it can go in reverse direction also, depends who knows who does not know, who does who doesn't. that's how they evolve the immature earth, the grasp of infinity and the reverse of everything from R to i.

Nick said...

Just thought I'd throw this twist into the mix.

"Taurus the Bull: The Bull is a symbol of power, royalty, stability, force and potence. When we see the bull amongst the cards in a reading we know we are dealing with some powerful forces. It is shown in the World & Wheel card because the bull (Taurus) is one of the fixed signs of the zodiac. The bull (and Taurus) in the King of Pentacles Tarot card also carries symbolic meanings of resistence to change, being stubborn and inflexible."

This rang a bell for me in the last sentence with your Red Bull reference, since you started the post with a tarot reference. Hmm, must be some inner reflection on my part.

Haven't seen the movie yet, but will do when I have a chance.

RYAN (7 Cauac) said...

Yes, that does hold true for "Karl" in the movie, he does have to overcome his own stubbornness; yes, instead of no, so that does correlate quite well...

RYAN (7 Cauac) said...

There seems to be more syncs than one can shake a wand at in some of these movies (Yes, Man included). The fact that they can resonate to so many people differently and in a "meaningful" way is one of the characteristic draws of the material I review. I believe it's the "timeless" aspect of the astrological/archetypal themes that are the spine of the film, however subtle/invisible to the common viewer.

RYAN (7 Cauac) said...

Rose - I believe that the over-arching concept (energetic/astrological characteristics) is more to the focus of my post as opposed to the minute details of the ethereal. Yes, matter is the illusion created by the energy waves of the universe. So, to my point, I focus more on the why as opposed to the how in this post. Thanks for the remarks and reading the thoughts.

Flying Tiger Comics said...

Carey has now done a dissociative personality movie - the me myself irene one- a mind control / dr. cameron one- eternal sunshine of the spotless mind- his matrix one - truman show... now this one... plus cable guy "someone has to kill the babysitter"... liar liar... number 23...

He seems to be trying to tell us something with his choice of roles...